• Samie Foster

The Secrets of Charles Mahogany is Free & Other News

Hey everyone! I just wanted to send out some updates, and this time around it’s a little more exciting than the last update. So what has been happening? A couple new things were thrown out into the wilds of the internet.

First of all, I decided to gather The Last Witch short stories into an entire collection. I should have done this sooner. But I was playing with the idea of possibly continuing Brian’s journey with a new episodic arc or writing a spin off short following the side character Becca. I wanted to include these sequel tales in these stories in the collection. But I cannot decide what to do with a possible future adventure for Brian, and Becca’s tale has been brainstormed with hours of indecisiveness as well. So since it seems as though possible sequels are a long way off I just pulled the collection together. The synopsis is down below.

It all began as simple delivery to the king in a war torn land for father and son, Fran and Brian. The two take a short cut through the monster filled Badlands to avoid the battlefields. If they stayed to the road, all would be well. But things do not go as planned. They fall head first in a world of monsters, gods, and witches. Brian becomes cursed. They learn the King wants a god of chaos as a weapon and soon become fugitives trapped in a series a quests they never asked for.

This collection is available in ebook for $3.99 or free is you’re a Kindle Unlimited member.

You can find it @

Second, starting May 26th I am starting a free story promotion. From Tuesday to Saturday this week, the fantasy short The Secrets of Charles Mahogany will be free. The synopsis is listed down below.

Adam has always been unlucky. A young man who became an orphan at the age of fifteen. A fire took his family from him and forced him to live under the care of his uncle Charles Mahogany. Yet despite the strict rules of the old man, Adam meddles into the forbidden areas of the household. There Adam finds an extraordinary secret that he can’t leave alone.

You can get your free copy @

Beyond that I have been working hard on revising some stories with the audio edit process. The Midnight Special: Bishop, Alice Stone, and lastly Meteor City are all being reviewed. Yes. I changed my mind about Meteor City. I was going to hold off because the Covid 19 crisis, but realized it is so much more fantastical than what is happening in real life that I might have just been over reacting. So the revised versions of Bishop and Alice Stone will be coming soon. And the new story Meteor City will be published in the near future as well. So fun stuff is coming soon.

Anyways, those are my goals for now. I hope to ramp up on getting everything revised as well as getting new stuff out for the time being. And unlike the last few months, when I become employed again I will hopefully have a less toxic work environment and an actual work like balance again so I can keep some kind a pace with this big project of mine. Hope all of you are staying safe and well and that you all have a great week.


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