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The Project Stories Plan For 2020!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful time with the holidays. But now all of it over, and sadly it’s time for work again. And on the first day of the year I am spending some time on planning what to do in 2020 and reflecting on what I have got done last year with all my book stuff, I have been calling Project Stories. Basically I am working on new stuff why revising my old stuff at the same time. Is it a little messy? Sure. But I love working on new stuff opposed to old stuff, and I struck a balance where I can balance the two.

In case you haven’t heard of me before and never read any of my blogs, then you should know I love to write and after high school, I decided to self-publish a lot of stuff because I thought everything was great! I took a break from writing when I was in college, and when I got out and revisited my work, I started to see the flaws and decided to rethink and organize everything. The decision made was to start with the short stories. I would review, read them out loud with a microphone nearby therefore creating both an audio version and revised version in the process, then would release them in the Kindle Unlimited program. And despite some very awful luck in the second half of 2019, I persevered and got a surprising amount of it done. In 2019, I got the following shorts revised.

· The Secrets of Charles Mahogany

· Vanity

· The Island

· Somewhere Beyond the Sea

· My Name Is…

· Late Shift at Pennies

· Lonesome Town

· In The Land of Gods

· The Junkyard Murders

· Alice: Winter’s Story

· Socks & Fuffle Puffs

- Most of these stories I decided to release in a short story collection as well called Flying Pigs & Witches

Then beyond I had a goal to publish some new stuff in 2019 as well. It’s been so long since I worked on editing a large project (before college). I wanted to challenge myself to edit something a little bigger than a short story, so I worked on an episodic short story project The Last Witch. The entire collection of shorts was published by the end of the year. The stories published were as followed:

· The Last Witch Story 1: The Damn Road

· The Last Witch Story 2: Old Hobbs

· The Last Witch Story 3: Battle of Minerva

· The Last Witch Story 4: The Broken Princess

· The Last Witch Story 5: The Abyss

Along the way, a few of these shorts have work their way to YouTube in audio form at the Project Stories channel. So least to say, a lot was achieved. I wish I could have been able to get more done. But I am only one person and I have to balance this with work and just like in general, so time is not abundant.

But what about 2020? Like last year, I sketched out an outline of things I need to the do for the year. (That worked amazingly well and kept my scatterbrain on track last year.) My plan for this year is to return to the idea of releasing a new novel. In the middle of college, I abandoned two projects in the editing process. Finding Elodie and The Forsaken Lands. Since Finding Elodie is the furthest along, my goal is to finish editing that and possibly getting it out before the end of the year. Even with that as the main goal, I do not want to solely focus on that. Focusing on one project leads to tedium. So I would love to sneak in a few shorts along the way if time allows. The short stories I would like to focus on are Once Upon a Time in Boston (A horror fantasy), Meteor City (A horror science fiction), and a new Alice story (A Dark Fantasy). There are a couple medium side projects as well. They are longer than my short stories but not quite book sized either. I don’t if either of these medium sized projects will be done by the end of the year. But I might dabble in them a little bit and make some progress.

Beyond that the revisions will continue. Whenever I have a quiet window, I will plug in the microphone and do some more read out loud editing. I will focus on shorts and when the shorts are done, the focus will shift to the books. Most likely the earliest ones I published, because they may need the most help versus the later ones where I worked with writing communities to polish everything.

So that is the plan for 2020. I hope some of this you will enjoy. Happy New Year everyone! I will be blogging again as there are new updates.


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