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The Midnight Special: Bishop is on Kindle Unlimited & The Island is Free

Hey everyone! I have some news to share. In the last week, I got a few things accomplished.

First of all, The Midnight Special: Bishop has been revised and has been enrolled into Kindle Unlimited. So if you if you are a member, then you can read it for free. What is it about? I'll post the synopsis below:

"Life in a traveling side show can be complicated one. Especially when every member has some sort of supernatural baggage. At a stop in a North Dakota town, mind reader Bishop finds that death is near when a close one passes away. In a desperate attempt to live on, he ventures into a dangerous vampire bar for a cure."

This short is available in ebook @

Free on Kindle Unlimited and $.99 for Purchase.

Second, the audio story project is back in progress. I have found a new software that allows me to get the audio into MP4 again. And now it is picking up right where it left off a few weeks ago. You can listen to The Last Witch: The Broken Princess Part 4 @

And remember if you like these things, there are a few ways to support:

1) By making a small donation thru Patreon @

2) By Purchasing the ebook version @

3) Or if you are a Unlimited Member, download the title and flip through the pages. There is pay for every page read according Amazon's algorithm and every little bit helps.

Then lastly, I'm deciding to continue the free book promotions. This week from June 9th to June 13th, the scifi story, The Island is going to be free. I will post the synopsis down below.

"In the middle of the second world war, scientists start vanishing all over the world. When Lily's husband is snatched away, she teams up with her brother in law to unravel what is happening to all the world's geniuses. After a year of traveling the world looking for clues, they are led to a mystery island in the eye of a never ending storm. A place that holds more danger than they ever expected."

From June 9th to June 13th this tale will be free @

And that is all that I have for this week. I hope there is something you might enjoy here. And I hope to have more fun stuff to share in the next few weeks. Have a good week everyone!


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