• Samie Foster

The First Halloween Deal: Late Shift At Pennies Is Free This Week!

So its the first week of October, and the month of Halloween. And since I started shifting my work to Kindle exclusively, I have been able to run promotions through Kindle Unlimited. And seeing how its the scariest month of the year, it would be a crime to not run promotions on my scariest stuff. And more than anything, I really wanted to run a promotion on Meteor City this first week. The horror scifi tale has gore, body horror, mutations, and cannibalism. It follows a journalist who is trying to make a living in a quarantined city. It seemed like a perfect way to start off promotions and discounts for the Halloween season. And Amazon won't let me do it. Its some kind of error on Amazon's end. They have to have someone manually slightly adjust the page count before I could put I could make it free for a Halloween special. I really do hope they figure it out and I can run a promotion before the scary season is over.

So instead I'm starting off this spooky month, by putting the ghost story Late Shift at Pennies on a promotion. It will be Free from Wednesday to Saturday. I'll post the synopsis below.

It is no mystery that the Pennies retail story is haunted. Ghosts act as pests for all employees of the store. Their harmless activity tends to intensify toward midnight which is know to most as witching hour. People have grown used to the ghosts and accepted them as another common everyday thing. But an unlucky Pennies employee named Ian is about to discover the ghost's true motives.

The ebook will be Free at Amazon from October 7th to October 11th. Find it at

And that is the promotion this week. I hope to set up some more promotions for my scarier stuff throughout October. And hopefully Meteor City will be one of those in the near future. I hope you all are having a good week. Will be blogging again soon.


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