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The Dark West is Now on Kindle Unlimited

Hello everyone! I wanted to share some more updates with you about what's in progress. First of all I completed the revision of an short story The Dark West. It has been given a new cover and is part of Kindle Unlimited. So if you have a Kindle Unlimited membership, you can read it for free. I'll post the synopsis down below.

For Abby and Caleb, it started as a day of book hunting. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but when Caleb finds a battered paper back book called 'The Dark West,' things becomes rather odd. Without warning the two of them are sucked into the book. After the incident Caleb is nowhere in sight, and Abby must rely on her bookworm skills to find him in this world of fiction.

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

$.99 for Purchase.

This ebook is available @

Beyond that, I have been working hard on the final draft of Alice: Khoza's Story. After so much work on the previous drafts, the reception from reviewers are much more positive this time around. So the story is a big step closer to publication. Also I have been editing the expansion of Somewhere Beyond The Sea. Again, once I finish it, it will be a re release of the original story at the same price. And if someone already owns the E-story or the anthology that includes it, the owner will automatically get a free upgrade. And those two things are my main focus right now. But also Warped is still being revised off and on as well during all of this. Four chapters so far have been revised.

As far as audio stories go, I didn't have time to render and format the newest part of the current audio tale for this week and they will be back next week; which isn't the worst thing. My YouTube statistics show that only one person listened to a story all the way through. So these are more for me than anyone else because creating these help me revise my work. I'm thinking about doing something else with them. I'm planning to experiment with The Dark West audio tale by adding music and sound effects, and plan try to get it on audible as a free short story. I'm very curious about what that may lead to.

Also there's one last note. I post this blog on both my website and Goodreads account. But because unemployment and the horribleness of 2020, I am not going to be able to renew my website domain at the end of this year. So unless I get an amazing job in the next couple of months or my writing become a massive hit, Project-Stories may be going off line for a little while. So in early 2021 all my updates may be at Goodreads only, until I get some stable income again.

With that said, I hope all of you have a good week. I hope you all safe, well, and doing okay in these troubling times. And if you are in the United State I hope you safely enjoy thanksgiving, because despite how bad things are, I think we all have something to be thankful for (no matter how small) after such a difficult year.

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