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Socks & Fluffle Puffs is Free for a Short Time Starting Tuesday!

Hey there everyone. Just wanted to post some updates. Not a lot big stuff to announce. Just more of the same. Some more audio story stuff and another promotion. New stuff is still a ways off at the moment. The final edits is taking way longer than I expected. But let's get started with the stuff for this week.

First of all, the free short story promotion returns. This time around, I decided to have it on the short story Socks and Fluffle Puffs. Its light hearted cute little read, which might be a nice little distraction to the craziness of the world right now. I will post the synopsis down below.

The socks are hideous. They are striped purple and green, stained, and have at least a dozen holes that have been repaired over the months. But seven year old Lori loves them. She's obsessed with them. One day her mother is able to wrangle them from the little girl to have them washed. But Lori is shocked when they vanish in the dryer. She climbs into the dryer to find clues left behind by the sock thieves, but tumbles out the other side into another world. It is a world of lost socks and ferocious Fluffle Puffs.

This short will be free from June 30th to July 4th. Its available at

Also in the last couple of weeks part 6 and 7 were posted on Youtube. The link to the most recent one will be posted down below.

The Broken Princess Part 7 can be found at

And remember if you like these things, there are a few ways to support:

1) By making a small donation thru Patreon @

2) By Purchasing the ebook version @

3) Or if you are a Unlimited Member, download the title and flip through the pages. There is pay for every page read according Amazon's algorithm and every little bit helps.

And that is all that I have to say this week. I'll post again when I have more to share! Have a good week everyone!


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