• Samie Foster

New Things Are on the Way!

Hey there everyone! There is not much the ways of updates this week. There is only one small one. The short story The Tall Man has been revised and has just been enrolled Kindle Unlimited program, so members can read it for free. It's a little different than other shorts. Its a short set in the Powers world with entirely new characters. I will post the synopsis down below.

Sky and Kitt are odd twins living in the great white north of Alaska. Their oddity being they have the ability to glow in the dark which is something that makes Kitt the target of the Tall Man, a taker of young girls everyone fears. Sky now must go out into the tundra to find this monster to get his sister back.

This available in ebook @

It is available for $.99 for purchase.

And Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Beyond that the fantasy Ordinary World is officially moving into the audio editing phase. The reviews were very positive at Scribophile, and there were no glaring issues this time around. So I am moving to the final part of the review process. Its not an extensively long story like Meteor City or The Broken Princess, so the final release should not be too far off.

And of course, the audio story project is still happening. This time its next part of Lonesome Town.

The audio tale is at

And remember if you like these things, there are a few ways to support:

1) By making a small donation thru Patreon @

2) By Purchasing the ebook version @

3) Or if you are a Unlimited Member, download the title and flip through the pages. There is pay for every page read according to Amazon's algorithm and every little bit helps.

4) And also, Lonesome Town is in the Meteors & Monsters collection, so you can support by just checking that out as well.

Also there's one last thing, I wanted to say. I recently published the short story anthology Meteors & Monsters. And through the kdp reports I saw that after release, it had a surprisingly amount of readership. Not impressive numbers by any means and probably embarrassingly small compared to other authors. But as someone who has next to no audience and has very little sales overall, its nice to just see that many people take interest and decided to read the book. So if those readers were any you following me on Twitter or Goodreads, I want to give you a real big thank you! I really appreciate it. I love writing to death, but sometimes I do wonder if all the editing and formatting I do to share my hobby is worth the trouble. And then one day log onto my author pages and see that there is a small number of people reading my stuff. It makes me happy that at least I'm sharing it with some people in the world and its not all just getting lost in the shuffle. I'm so grateful for those few readers. It means a lot to me.

With that said, I hope you all have a good week. New stuff is on the way. And again, thank you!


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