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My Name Is... Will Be This Week's Promotion

Hey everyone, its another update. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot to share. My elderly kitty Ollie became very ill and I've been taking him to the vet off and on throughout the week. The news I got is bad, but I'm going to do the best I can to keep him happy with medication in his final days, or months, or however long it will be because I like that cat. So that has been my week. I've been occupied trying to save a pet.

But one thing is that I have done though is set up another promotion. Since I started these things, it has brought more eyes on my work which is something I always struggled with. Even though I'm not selling anything now, in the long run this may super valuable. So I'm continuing this for the time being.

This week the short story on promotion is a fantasy tale called My Name Is.... I'll post the synopsis below.

My name is Amber. I don't remember much else because I've been forgetting so much lately. But I do remember I am a girl and this old witch has turned me into a crow. And I know I must find a way to break this curse before I forget everything entirely.

This short story will be free from June 16th to June 20th. The short story is available as an ebook @

Beyond that the audio story project is still continuing. And this week and it is part 5 of The Last Witch story, The Broken Princess. I'll post a link below.

And remember if you like these things, there are a few ways to support:

1) By making a small donation thru Patreon @

2) By Purchasing the ebook version @

3) Or if you are a Unlimited Member, download the title and flip through the pages. There is pay for every page read according Amazon's algorithm and every little bit helps.

And that is all I have to share today. I hope next week I will have more. This week last week I was bit preoccupied to say the least. But I hope you all have a great week. Hope to have more fun stuff soon.


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