• Samie Foster

Meteor City is Now Out!

Hey everyone. There is some exciting news this week. Meteor City is done and is out in the wild. It should have been out a lot sooner. But it was a little tough to polish up for release, and took a long time do because of a lack of motivation. This is because its one of the darker stories I ever wrote, and the world just really sucks right now. After losing my job in a collapsing economy in a COVID-19 hot spot when civil unrest and corruption is everywhere, I did not want to continue to polish a story about a journalist in a quarantined city where a horrific pandemic mutates individuals, but I was determined to finish it. Despite the fantastical nature of the horror story, it hit really close to home, and I had to take many breaks as I polished it. It literally was nearly finished mid February before the world went insane. That is how long this took. And it might be my last horror story for a while. Months ago I did originally want to proceed and work on On All The Good Times in Boston after this, but that is a fantasy horror about the apocalypse. But I don't want to think about the end of the world and really want to focus on more light hearted stuff as I need to remove my focus on anything that parallels to this craziness happening in the world right now. But if you're handling the world better than I am, feel free to check it out. I will post the synopsis down below.

Decades ago, a meteor shower hit a metropolis shattering homes and lives of many. With the meteors, the storm also brought a deadly disease that tortures and mutate those infected. As it spread, the walls were put up around the city to quarantine it from the rest of the world. And as the years went on the city, now known as Meteor City, was ignored and willfully forgotten by the United States. But it somehow continued to thrive.

Jo is a photographer within the walls of Meteor City. She goes through the dirt and muck to get shots for the front page of the local paper. She specializes in shots of the most horribly mangled infected in the city. She's brash, spunky, and her luck has run out. After cashing in on shots of an infected serial killer known as the Bloody Man, her home in broken into by a new meteorite afflicted individual. It’s a fight she barely survives, but not all in one piece as she becomes infected herself. Hoping the doctors can stop her terrible fate, her world start falling apart around her. Kidnappings are happening over the city, and she may have to risk everything to save someone she loves.

Its available in ebook for $.99 or Free through Kindle Unlimited @

And that is the biggest news this week. And there will be more to fun stuff to share soon. Because let's honest. What else am I going to do in quarantine? Hope all of you are safe and well.


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