• Samie Foster

Updates on the Works in Progress

Hello there everyone. I have been a couple weeks since there's been any updates. But just because there is silence on my end doesn't mean I haven't been working on something.

At Scribophile, I got a flood of reviews on the next to be published story Alice: Khoza's Tale and the reviews have been mixed. And it is clear at this point, I need to rework a few things and the tale needs a lot of editing. So it's going to take a longer to get out. I'm thinking its going to be a a least couple months at this point I don't start finalizing things until people are actually showing interest and find enjoyment in the earlier drafts.

Beyond that the short story, The Midnight Special: To Hell and Back, is going through the audio revision and it will be the next short to be shuffled over to Kindle Unlimited. This is a seventy page short story, and this revision process is a long process, so it will be a while before the Kindle Unlimited version is ready. Also the I want to sketch and build a new cover for that story. The current book cover is pretty darn awful. But it is coming.

As far as audio stories go, there is an error with my software, and everything is becoming distorted when its being rendered for Youtube. I hoped to figure it out over this past week. But this has been a week of errands and with the time I had, I decided to focus on editing Alice: Khoza's Tale. But I hope to figure it out soon. Audio stories will come back. They are just temporarily on pause at the moment.

Also because its October, I wanted to start this first week of the month with promotions on my scarier stuff I have on Kindle Unlimited. But for some reason my KDP dashboard is not loading correctly, so I can not set up any promotions this morning. So hopefully, later on this week Amazon will get their author resources worked out, and I will be setting up a promotion on a scary story in the next couple of days.

And that is what I have to share for now. I'll blog again when I have more to share. I hope you all have a great week.


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