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Meteor City and Finding Elodie are Now Officially Being Worked On

Hey there everyone. I've been started the year working on new and old projects while fighting a mighty cold. And now that I have won the battle against being sick, I am here to update you all about what has been achieved so far.

First of all, as far as editing is concerned I have dived into working Meteor City into a publishable product. It is an scifi horror short story about a city that has been quartined after a meteor shower infected the city with something that causes unpredictable mutations. Thirty years after the fall, the city is still srcapping by despite the threat of constant infections or threat of those who are infected. It follows an photographer in this city who does well enough, but unfortunately her luck is about to run out.

Then I have finally started to continue editing Finding Elodie. Its a scifi novel I was polishing for publication in college. It got abandoned in mid college as I had less and less time and just became so overwhelmed. It's been a long time since I dropped off the project. I had to finish the last two years of my education. Then I found the imaginative side of my brain was broken for at least a year afterwards. So it took me a while to build back up to writing again and tackling bigger projects. Both of the these projects are now on the Writing Community is you would like an early preview.

Second, with the revisions of older stories using an audio story projects, I am half way through recording (and editing) the scifi horror short On the Air. So that is the next thing that is going to be released and inducted into the Kindle Unlimited program.

Third, as I'm digging through the old stories from years ago I found that my short Somewhere Beyond the Sea had a lot of potential. So I took the cliffhnger and decided to do something with it. I started writing more of the story expanding it into what happened afterwards and follows Davey's quest to find April. I don't know how long it will be. But this is what will happen to it in the future. If it ends up being say a seventy pages over so (which is much longer than the original story) then it will be released as the same short at the same price. Those who bought it already will get the free update for the copy they already have. And if someone already bought it in the anthology, there will be a free update as well. If the project ends up being much longer (say 200 pages or so), it will be released as a seperate novel. But time will tell what will happen. I will update you all as the expanded version works its way toward publication and that will likely be a while from now.

But what about the current stuff? Well currently the audio story project is focused on The Last Witch has made it to the second part of the second story in the short collect. I'll give you a link to the playlist down below.

And remember if you enjoy this, buy the short stories over on Amazon or make a donation to Patreon at

Lastly I've a bit slow at updating you all on book reviews I've been posting over on Hubpages for the last book or so.

1) Canterbury Hollow by Chris Lawson

2) Digital Rites by Jim Hawkins

3) Sleepwalker by Joe Hill

3) Jade City by Fonda Lee

4) The Wishing Time by Devon Monk

5) The Nutcracker by Alexander Dumas

And that is all I have to say for now. Hopefully I'll have more exciting stuff share next time. Have a great week everyone!

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