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Flying Pigs & Witches is on Sale!

Updated: Aug 3

Hey there everyone. The heat wave has passed through the pacific northwest. My place is no longer an oven. My computer does not feel like its going to catch on fire. And being still unemployed, I am back at work on my book projects hoping I can make some cash until I'm able to snag a job. I haven't too successful so far, but I am really trying and that must be worth something.

So what do I have to share? I am currently working on a getting a new short story collection out. I finally revised enough of short stories to package together in a collection that is going to be called Meteors & Monsters. But I still need to format it and finalize the cover at the moment. So until then, I wanted to run an promotion on the first short story collection, Flying Pigs & Witches for $0.99. I will post the synopsis down below.

A woman finds a fallen science utopia carries dark secrets as she searches for her husband. A gun slinging Alice is looking for a way out of a dark Wonderland. A cashier must take the late shift in a haunted retail store. Siblings encounter an evil witch in the woods. A teenager learns his uncle is a wizard. A little girl races into another world to get back her favorite socks. A runaway becomes cursed and must find a way to stop it before she loses all her memory. An isolated teen falls in love with a odd girl who fears water. This is a collection of eight short stories that stretch across the genres horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

This collection includes:

-The Island

-Late Shift at Pennies

-Socks and Fluffle Puffs

-Somewhere Beyond the Sea

-My Name Is...

-Alice: Winter's Story

-Secrets of Charles Mahogany


The Kindle ebook is for sale for $.99 from August 4th to August 9th. It is also free if you are a Kindle Unlimited number. You can purchase and download at

Beyond that the audio story project is continuing. This week it is on third part of The Abyss. The post is posted down below.

And remember if you like these things, there are a few ways to support:

1) By making a small donation thru Patreon @

2) By Purchasing the ebook version @

3) Or if you are a Unlimited Member, download the title and flip through the pages. There is pay for every page read according to Amazon's algorithm and every little bit helps.

And that is what I have this week. I will try to get Meteors and Monsters out next week. But I am kinda on call for freelance geologist for wild fire sites, and if I get a call everything will be on hold for a couple weeks. I have to take it to make some money, because there is not much else out there now. I hope anyone following this blog understands that. And with that said, I hope everyone has a good week. Please stay safe out there.

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