• Samie Foster

An Update About What Is In The Works

Hey there everyone, just wanted give you all an update about what is going on. Basically this week, it has been a lot of brainstorming more than anything else. I did a long overdue midyear assessment of how far I have come Project Stories to understand what is working and what is not. And it’s been interesting. The Kindle Unlimited idea seems to be working because now people can read these $.99 stories for free. Also grouping these shorts into anthologies works as well. Within the last year more people have been looking at Meteor & Monsters, and Flying Pigs & Witches. It’s an itty bitty audience. But where I had no audience before, it’s nice to see a rise in numbers. Also oddly enough, despite the pandemic, horror has been getting the most attention overall. This takes me by total surprise, as I have been avoiding horror after releasing Meteor City because it was so hard to work on for me personally, when the world is going so wrong. But for some reason that’s what people might want, because the fantasies are left untouched. And one last thing I noticed, which is unfortunate, is that the audio stories are ultimately a failed experiment. The statistics state totally listening time among hours’ worth of storytelling is only thirty seconds total. Twitter and patreon did little for visibility, and because there was little visibility it did little for raising awareness of the written work.

But what is going to happen now? For the next new works to be published, the focus is going to be on a new Alice short, and the apocalyptic tale All The Good Times in Boston. The long gestating in Finding Elodie is also being edited off and on.

As far as audio revision edits goes, I’ll be focusing on Trudy Dallas & the Walking Dead. That should be the next tale to shuffle to Kindle Unlimited. Also I am beginning to revise Warped for Kindle Unlimited. I’m also considering revising a horror short book called Wrong Turn at Albuquerque. I’m considering editing this by myself with the audio revision attempt to finalize this book, instead of using my typical writing community because it’s one of the darkest thing I ever wrote. I’m a little afraid it might get me kicked out of the community if I share this. As I look into editing the horror tale a little more, I will be more certain that about how I will go about editing this.

As far as the audio stories go, they will continue as is. After all these audio projects are just a byproduct of the finalization process. The final edit for any project is reading it out loud and it takes very little effort to hit the record button. But I feel that these, well at least the newer ones could be put to better use. I’m thinking about maybe taking one of the better recordings, clean it up, and polish it with sound effects and music. Then maybe see what it takes to share a really polished one on Audible, or some other audio book market place. It’s an experiment I’m really considering at the moment. And speaking of which there won’t be an audio story chunk this Sunday. I’m going be tied up with somethings that suddenly came up. So I apologize for that.

And that is what I have to share this week. I hope to have some new stuff soon. Hope you all have a great week!

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