• Samie Foster

Alice: Stone's Story is Now On Kindle Unlimited

Ok. This is going to be a quick one this week. There is some new stuff to share. First of, the dark fantasy Alice: Stone's Story is now on Kindle Unlimited. So if you are a member you can read it for free. I will posy synopsis down below.

Wonderland is broken, and every Alice who stumbles in is trapped in a nightmare world. Some Alices become fighters. Other becomes con artists scrapping by. Alice Stone is a coward. An ex card soldier for the Red Queen, who is running from her captures hoping to find somewhere safe. But when she reaches Diamond City, the last free city of Wonderland, she will have to find her courage to survive.

It is available on available for Kindle at The ebook is $.99 for purchase and Free for Kindle Unlimited members.

And that is all I have right now. I might have a promotion this week, but to be honest its going to be really hard to do much online this week. Its going to be near 100 everyday this week and I live in an attic apartment with no air conditioning. Least to say my computer feel like it is going to catch on fire in these conditions. So yeah. If anything happens this week, it will be a late night post to alert you all.

With that said, I hope everyone has a great week!


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