• Samie Foster

The Abyss is Released And Other News!

Hey there everyone! I have some fun updates for everyone. So let's get started.

First of all The Last Witch short story series is complete and out for sale. Last weekend, I finalized the cover art and polishing of the final story, The Abyss. It is on Amazon in ebook. The synopsis is down below.

Brian and Fran have finally made it. They made it to the abyss. The magical lake beyond the mountains that will destroy the god of chaos. The task should be easy. Take the god to the lake, throw it in, and go on their way. But things can never be easy. Strange dangerous giant guardians are protecting the lake and the dysunctional father son relationship has reached its breaking point. Can the two possibly work together long enough to finish the task they set out to do?

The ebook is available for purchase for only $0.99 and Free for Kinle Unlimited subscribers.

Find it @

Beyond that, the short story My Name Is... is officially posted in audio form on Youtube. Its a tale about about a girl captured by a witch and turned into a raven. She must escape and find a cure, as her memory is rapidly fading away I will post the link to the play list audio tale.

My Name Is: An Audio Story

And remember if you enjoy these please support. I would appreciate it so much!

You can support a few ways

1) Puchasing the short story for $0.99 from Amazon

2) If you have Kindle Unlimited, download the story for free and flipped through the pages. I do get a few cents for this, and every little bit helps.

3) This story is also included in the short story collection Flying Pigs and Witches. This is available as an ebook at Amazon. This is included with seven other stories for $3.99 @

4) And lastly you can support by making a donation on my patreon page for this audio story project. It's the Project Stories page. The direct link is

So now that The Last Witch series is completely finished, what's next? To tell you the truth, I don't know. I want to finish Finding Elodie and The Forbidden Lands which are half polished on Scribophile. I have the half edited third book in the Powers series still on my desktop. Its been there for years now. All these things need to be finished. They have been sitting half finished for years now. I intend to hopefully focus on one of those next. I'm just not sure which one. I also want to continue releasing short stories off and on. They are easy to edit, polish, and release. And it will provide breaks from tediously focusing on one extended project too long.

That's the idea of what will happen. I have no official plan yet. Its hard to make one right now. The truth of the matter is, my job right now is taking up all my time. I was laid off from my old one and this new job has long days and a long commute. I am struggling to find a balance. Hopefully I will figure something out soon and will manage to work on all of this.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the updates this week. Hopefully I will have something fun for you soon. Have a great week everyone.


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