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New Audio Stories & The Broken Princess

Hi there. I know it has been a while since the last post. These past few weeks have been busy. But it hasn't been all commute and my day job. I've been able balance it all with my favorite hobby, writing and all of the book madness I do. So what has been going on?

First of all, last night I finally finished up polishing the final draft of The Broken Princess. So now there's just formating left and then it will be officially released. It should be going live on Kindle Unlimited this week.

Second, audio stories are being posted weekly, and sinc ethe last post, the dark fantay Alice: Winter's Story and ghost story Late Shift at Pennies have been posted. I will post the links to the Youtube Playlists down below.

Alice: Winter's Story - An Audio Story (All Parts)

Late Shift at Pennies - An Audio Story (All Parts)

And remember, if you enjoy these stories, support by purchasing the ebook version of the stories on Kindle or making a donation through Patreon at the Project Stories page (

Also one other things, I have a backlog of book and short story reviews over on Hubpages that I never shared. So here's a bunch of new reviews.

Soul Hosts By Joseph Isaacs

Loaded By Joe Hill

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Travels by Michael Crichton

Vicar of Mars by Gwynneth Jones

Rain by Joe Hill

The Terror by Dan Simmons

And that is all I have to share in this post. Next weekend I will hopefully have some fun stuff to share. I will be posting again soon. Have a great week everyone!


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