• Samie Foster

Back on Track...and the Alice Audio Story is Posted Too.

Hey there everyone! It has been awhile. I’m not sure how long it’s been since the last post because the last few weeks have felt like years. Seriously in the last five weeks, I got laid off, got a new job with a long commute, and the owner of the new job passed away leading to cooperate takeover where I constantly worried about my job security. Also my car decided to fall apart. It couldn’t be saved so I had to find a new car before it dies completely. And there was some tragic family news mixed into all of that. All of this happened in a span of five weeks and I was really stressed pulling my hair out a lot as well as getting no sleep. I think cracked a little bit and had a meltdown at one point because the bad luck just would not end. But things are finally getting are better. Now that I’m not dead tired and worrying about everything all the time, I am able to chill out and dive back into my projects. I want to update you all about what was going on.

First off, during the nightmare I did make it a point to add parts of my audio story project because those were backlogged and ready to post. The entire audio version of Alice: Winter’s Story is posted on Youtube. will post the playlist for the whole audio story down below. So if want to listen to the audio story of a gun slinging Alice in a dark Wonderland, then give it a listen.

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But what about the status of everything else? Right now the fourth story in The Last Witch series is 50% done with its final edit and audio recording. The cover is done as well. So if all goes perfectly, then I would say it will be ready for release in a month. I also have a partial audio edit of In the Land of Gods. That is a very short tale, so that may show up on Kindle Unlimited soon as well.

I did want to release the scifi horror Meteor City. I did a very rough review and edit of the story, and feel that climax needs to be reworked because it is rushed. So I think that will need some brain storming and outlining to make it more developed. I’m sure now that it will be a while until I get that published. I think I might work on this off and on as a side project and mainly focus on getting final Last Witch short stories out before the end of the year. The last one is much shorter than The Broken Princess and should not take nearly as long to get out there.

Once the finale of The Last Witch is posted, I hope to shift my focus to one of the half edited projects that got abandoned during college. Most likely it will be Finding Elodie as that is the furthest along. And as I work on that extended project, I plan to release shorts periodically as well. And that is the plan, Will it work out? Who really knows? Life has a way of bringing a halt to all of this sometimes, but I hope it does work out on some timely schedule.

With that said I hope everyone has a lovely week and hopefully I’ll have some fun stuff to share with all of you soon.


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