• Samie Foster

Lonesome Town & The Island Has New Updates

Hello there. I hope everyone is doing okay. I hope your safe and not are not melting from the heat wave. But once again there are some fun updates this week. There are two major things.

First of all, Lonesome Town has been revised and is now part of Kindle Unlimited program. So if you have a membership you can read it for free. In case you don't know what it is about I will post the synopsis down below.

When Kaylee dumped Jake she didn't know what he would do. She didn't know he would mope around in self pity and then take off to the mythical place called Lonesome Town, where broken hearts can be mended. But as Kaylee becomes increasingly worried about her friend she goes to find him. I her journey she learns Lonesome Town is a very sinister place that preys on its customers.

Check it out @

Free with Kindle Unlimited.

$1.00 for Purchase.

The second thing I have to share is the grand finale of the audio version of The Island is now posted. So check that out if your interested. The link will be down below.

And remember if you enjoy these stories, please help support. You can do so two ways.

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And that is what I have for this week. I hope to have more fun stuff to share soon. I hope everyone has a good week!


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