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Audio Stories Are Coming Back!

Hi there. Its been a long two weeks since I last posted. I was laid off, then ran around town with my resume for a week while I was pulling my hair out frustration. Then somehow landed a new job just this week. So now that my life is a little stable again, I'm giving out some updates about what is going on.

So what has has been happening. Mostly in the last couple weeks I have been jotting down a dark short story in a notebook called Olly and Molly, and sketching out a book cover for The Broken Princess. But this morning, I woke up with a day off and no pressure to hunt down a job so I thought I would something constructive and figure out the audio story situation. I edited and relaunched my patreon page and reuploaded the first eight parts of The Island so that it will have an proper outro. Note that they are still original rough recordings though. No new recordings with the new better Yeti microphone are done until part 9 of the Island. So it will sound better soon. The next part of that story will be posted next sunday.

Beyond that, I am about to start the final edits for The Broken Princess. The audio verison of Lonesome Town is half done. So those should be coming sometime soon.

Also I have been behind on sharing book reviews from my book review blog, For the last few weeks, the following was posted.

The Lost Island by Lincoln Child & Douglas Preston

Aloft by Joe Hill

The Dresden Files: Storm Front By Jim Butcher

A Cup of Normal by Devon Monk

Hitchhikers Guide To Galaxy By Douglas Adams

Snapshot by Joe Hill

With all that said, I hope every has a good week. I hope to have new stuff to share soon.

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