• Samie Foster

Flying Pigs and Witches

So this has been an interesting week to say the least. My fears about being laid off came true. And I been trying really hard to figure things out. And I will figure something out. I always do. And despite the frustration, I did have more time on my hands, and I decided drift off of my current book blueprint to put together a meaty short stoy collection. This includes the eight standalone short stories that have been revised and reviewed as they were shuffled to Kindle Unlimited. This replaces the old two anthologies I had published before (and are now unpublished) and has more stories in a single book. Its called Flying Pigs and Witches. the synopsis is down below.

A woman finds a fallen science uptopia carries dark secrects as she searches for her husband. A gunslinging Alice is looking for a way out of a dark Wonderland. A cashier must take the late shift in a haunted retail store Siblings encounter an evil witch in the woods. A teenager learns his uncle is a wizard. A little girl races into another world to get back her favorite socks. A runaway becomes cursed and must find a way to stop it before she loses all her memory. An isolated teen falls in love with a odd girl who fears water. This is a collection of eight short stories that stretch across the genres horror, fantasy, and science fiction. This collection includes: -The Island -Late Shift at Pennies -Socks and Fluffle Puffs -Somewhere Beyond the Sea -My Name Is... -Alice: Winter's Story -Secrets of Charles Mahogony -Vanity

It can be found at It is free with Kindle Unlimited and $3.99 for purchase.

With that said, this is all I have to share this week. I hope to have some new stuff soon. But my whole schedule is going to change in the future. So who knows how soon the next new thing is coming out. I'll update you all as things develop.

Have a great week everyone!

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