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The Last Witch: The Battle of Minerva is Now Published.

Hey there everyone. I wanted to update everyone the new news. The Last Witch Story 3: The Battle of Minerva is now published. And I apologize for taking so long to get it done. The biggest hangup was sketching out and finalizing a book cover. I went through so many drafts and nothing seemed right. And what I ended up with does not seem right either. Hopefully in the future there will be an artistic spark and it will be replaced with something great. But after nearly a month of struggling to get a cover worth while, I thought I would just say good enough, and get the story out there.

Anyways, it is available ine book at Amazon for $.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited. The synopsis is down below.

After months of travling, Brian and Fran finally have found a safe place. The small town of Balem welcomes them with open arms. They once again begin to live a normal life and Brian begins to search for a cure to his magic infection. All seems well until King Talus sends an army out to arrest the two of them for treason and to retrieve a package that they refused to deliver. The town church says they will protect the father and son, as long as they stay within Balem. But nothing can ever be simple. Soon Brian, his father, and his new friends find themselves fighting for their lives.

It is available at

After this, the pentultimate story in this series is The Broken Princess. I think that will be edited next. I did want to sneak in publishing Meteor City or another Alice Story sometime in the future, but they are just as long. Also the audio projects are coming along. Rendering them with a new softward takes forever though. When is all this new stuff going to come? I can't really tell you at the moment. Right now its wait and see, And why I say wait and see, is because my job may be falling apart. I currently work at an environmental consulting agency that is falling on some hard times and I am expecting to be laid off. And my need to find another job to pay my bills will over power my hobby of writing, ebooks, audio stories and what not. So I am praying for a miracle when I walk into the work meeting monday afternoon. But it will be what it will, and you will be updated on if it will be a longer than usual time to get some new stuff out there.

With that said I hope you have a great week. And if you're from the USA, I hope you have a great 4th of July.

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