• Samie Foster

A New Progress Report on Everything

Hi everyone. I wanted to update all of you on the works in progress. There's basically three things going on right.

First, the short story Late Shift at Pennies has just went through revisions and was recorded in the audio story format. So now it is in the process of being shuffled to Kindle Unlimited. Right now, it is in the process of being removed from Smashword distribution package. And once it is removed it will officially be part of Kindle Unlimited. That should happen in the week.

Second, the third short story in The Last Witch series called Battle of Minerva is closer to be published. I just finished sketching a book cover, and am going to scan it in start polishing it into something nice this upcoming week. And the story itself is partway through the the final round of editing.

Lastly, the audio story project is about to kick off again. I have a few stories recorded and I am trying to now get it all rendered for Youtube whoch is very time consuming. I'm going to re upload The Island first since it is an Amazon exclusive now and it has to be found at a new store front.. But this is the original recording. It was the only audio story that survived last year's CPU melt down. (Well mostly. The ending was lost.) This is the first one I did, where I was fighting a cheap microphone and trying to figure out how to do it all. So this recording is rough, except for the re recorded ending. All the following stories is recorded with more professional equipment. But The Island is what will be posted first, along with the ending,

So that is what is going on. A lot of things are being worked on, but are just not prepped for the wilds of the internet yet. Hopefully there will be more exciting stuff soon. Have a great weeked everyone!



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