• Samie Foster

Socks & Fluffle Puffs is Now Published.

Hi everyone! It's another week with some new updates. And main update is that a new short story has been published this week and is on Kindle Unlimted. It is a cute little tale called Socks and Fluffle Puffs. I'll post the synopsis below.

The socks are hideous. They are striped purple and green, stained, and have at least a dozen holes that have been reparied over the months. But seven year old Lori loves them. She's obsessed with them. One day her mother is able to wrangle them from the little girl to have them washed. But Lori is shocked when they vanish in the dryer. She climbs into the dryer to find clues left behind by the sock thieves, but tumbles out the other side into another world. It is a world of lost socks and ferocious Fluffle Puffs.

Free on witha Kindle Unlimited Subscription

$.99 for purchase.

Find it @

Now that this is out in the wilds of the internet, I am returning back to the dark fantasy project, The Last Witch. Battle of Minerva, the third of the five story arc of Brian's journey will be edited, polished, and published next. I'll post updates as it gets closer to publication so stayed tuned for the release date in the future.

Beyond that, not much has happened since last week. I've just been busy with life. But hopefully I will able to do more soon. There's so much I need to do. A major one being relaunching the audio project that I started last year and was forced to pause because of a melted CPU. I'm hearing Youtube removes your page from their search engine or something like that if the you abandon it for a little while. So I need to do some research on how to relaunch it. So it may take a little while to plan things out. But hopefully the audio tales will back sooner rather than later.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the updates this week. And if you don't, then just have a great weekend!


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