• Samie Foster

Old Hobbs is on Kindle!

Hi there everyone! This is going to be a very small blog post this time around. That is because this week, not only was the second short in The Last Witch series, Old Hobbs is not only published, but is also in the Kindle unlimited program. The book synopsis is down below.

Finally father and son, Fran and Brian, make it out of the monster infested Badlands. The father came out battered and bruised. The son came out infected with magic. The two desire nothing more than to see civilization once again after such a long journey, and are glad when they stumble across the small town of Old Hobbs. But Old Hobbs is a downtrodden little town full of sickly folk who have sinister and selfish intentions for the witch who just stumbled into town.

Available in ebook for $99, or free for Kindle Unlimited members on Amazon.

Find it at

And that is what I have for this week. I actually did not get much else done. I m not sure if what's about to be published next. I have not started the final round of editing on third story in The Last Witch series. But I have partially edited a cute little side short called Socks and Hufflepuffs. Taking into consideration my scatterbrained nature of getting things done, I will not state what one will be published next. But it will be one of those two.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy what's here. And have a great week!


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