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Hi everyone. I wanted to send out another update because a lot of stuff is going on. So let's get going. Two nights ago, I just got through editing the final draft of The Last Witch Story 2: Old Hobbs. It is very close to publication. I have cover art drawn out in a sketch book as well. Later on this week, I will head over to friend's place to scan it into the computer to finish it up in photo shop. This is because my printer/scanner is broken right now. Once that it all finished up, it will be thrown out in the wilds of Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

During all this, a cute little short that has been sitting on my desktop called Socks and Huffle Puffs was posted on my favorite writing community Scribophile. I wasn't sure about what to do with this silly little piece of fluff, so I wanted to know what people thought about it. And the reviews so far have been mostly positive. I am surprised by that. So it may be a little side short story project that can be worked into a polished finished product.

Then lastly I wanted to give an update on my adventure into the great Amazon shuffle. So far, the stories being changed to an Amazon exclusive and Kindle Unlimted are stories I have revised through using the audio story editing process. This includes the following:

1) The Secrets of Charles Mahogany

Adam has always been unlucky. A young man who became an orphan at the age of fifteen. A fire took his family from him and forced him to live under the care of his uncle Charles Mahogany. Mahogany is a self absorbed old man who is regarded as one of the world's greatest magicians. On arrival, Adam is warned and is given the strict rules of the house hold. Yet as Adam is trapped within this newly adjusted dull life, curiosity gets the better of him. So he decides to break the rules and travel into the forbidden areas of the mansion. As he does so, he discovers the secrets that the old man is hiding. Extraordinary secrets that Adam can not leave alone.

$.99 at Amazon or Free on Kindle Unlimted at

2) Vanity

Two siblings, Liz and Denny are on a long drive home from college. But when they take a short cut on the back roads through the woods, they have an unexpected accident. With the car damaged, they find themselves on foot walking through the woods. To their surprise, they stumble across a enormous mansion in the middle of the woods. Despite the oddity of it being there, they rush to the door in hopes to find warmth, shelter, and a working phone to call for help. Yet as they enter, the place is far from welcoming, and the secrets the residents hold may kill them two of them before the night is over with.

$.99 at Amazon or Free on Kindle Unlimited at

3) The Island

In the middle of the second world war, scientists start vanishing all over the world. When Lily's husband is snatched away, she teams up with her brother in law to unravel what is happening to all the world's geniuses. After a year of traveling the world looking for clues, they are led to a mystery island in the eye of a never ending storm. A place that holds more danger than they ever expected. The city holds technology that defies laws of nature, and the odd residence there hold a negative view of outsiders. Lily and Edward must work together to find their lost family member in the twisted world before them.

$.99 at Amazon or Free on Kindle Unlimited at

4) Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Davey has been trapped on a rock of an island his entire life building a glass castle with his father for the king. He feels as though he is prisoner with no contact with the world beyond the island. Then one day during a storm, an odd yet captivating girl washes up on shore. She says she's from somewhere beyond the sea, but Davey's new friend is full of more mysteries than he ever expected.

$.99 at Amazon or Free on Kindle Unlimited at

5) The Last Witch: The Damn Road

Nations are at war, and nowhere is safe. When the king requests Brian and his father to deliver a package across country, they must take the safest route. To stay out of the way of the battles, they decide to travel down the "Damn Road" through the Badlands. The Badlands is a decrepit region haunted by terrifying tales. A place barren of mankind and a place that mankind will dare not step into. Casting superstition aside, the two know they will stay safe as long as they keep their heads down and stay on the on road. But what should have been a simple delivery becomes much more complicated than they expected.

$.99 at Amazon or Free on Kindle Unlimited at

And that is all I have for this week. I hope you like the post today, and I hope you all have great week. I will be posting again soon.


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