• Samie Foster

Its the Great Amazon Shuffle

Hey everyone. I wanted to post this blog to let everyone know about a bunch of new changes coming up concerning distribution of my stuff and where to find it. In the last few years my sales have sunk from not much to zero. Now considering college, internships, and a lot of overtime was in the middle of all that I wasn't too surprised. I have absolutely no time to advertise myself. But a few weeks ago, a fellow workshopping buddy over at Scribophile has published through Kindle Unlimted and is doing well. I didn't know much about Kindle Unlimited when he told me about it. I know that I looked into once a couple years ago, and did not like the exclusivity, but since I was shifted to part time at my work a week ago, I decided to do some research into the ebook market of where the most sales are and how the Kindle Unlimited model works. And I have to say I like what I see at Kindle Unlimited. Especially when it comes to my shorter stuff. When started publishing shorts, I was disappointed that at how retailers would not let me price an item under a dollar. I always had to go with 99 cents, which I feel is too much for a short under 50 pages, but I always want a little bit for my work. So I love this concept that I will get paid for a page model. Also I learned the slow death of the Nook on horizon is a huge reasoning why I make next to nothing now a days. My sales used to be all Nook based. So I feel I have nothing to lose. So I'm giving Kindle Unlimted try. I'm going to start with a select few of shorts; the most polished (recently revised) stuff I have. This include Vanity, The Island, Somewhere Beyond the Sea, and The Damn Road. Those as of right now are Amazon exclusive and are being prepped for Kindle Unlimited. And then I’ll see how things go from there.

Beyond that, I've been building audio stories while revising Alice: Winter's Story and editing The Last Witch story 2: Old Hobbs. I think with these two or possibly one more recorded short, I may have a back log to post a chunk of audio stories monthly again. But one thing about the audio projects is effected by the Kindle Unlimited. I will not be able to share the same chunk of the story simultaneously at Wattpad anymore. I liked doing it because it offered exposure to a new group of readers, but it’s not allowed at Kindle Unlimited. So if that was something you liked, I'm sorry that it's now gone. Overall, that is what I have to share. I'll have more news soon. I hope you all have a great week!


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