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The Damn Road is Now Published and Other Updates

Happy game day all Americans and good day to the rest of the world! You are either enjoying the big game or are hopelessly confused about why the majority of U.S. citizens are so obsessed with football. I fall in that later group. I tried to watch the big game and other sports in the past, and grow bored. I don't get it. So here I am on game day blogging about updates concerning the projects I have in the works.

First of all, some real progress has taken place on The Last Witch. The last story of the Damn Road is now published. Right now it is only on Smashwords in ebook which can be downloaded on nearly all devices. Not yet on Kindle though, but it will be there soon. The synopsis and link is down below.

The Last Witch Story 1: The Damn Road

Nations are at war, and nowhere is safe. When the king requests Brian and his father to deliver a package across country, they must take the safest route. To stay out of the way of the battles, they decide to travel down the "Damn Road" through the Badlands. The Badlands is a decrepit region haunted by terrifying tales. A place barren of mankind and a place that mankind will dare not step into. Casting superstition aside, the two know they will stay safe as long as they keep their heads down and stay on the on road. But what should have been a simple delivery becomes much more complicated than they expected.

It is available for $.99 at the link below @

Beyond that progress has been made this week, on the audio story side of things. The Damn Road and the ending of The Island is recorded. I began recording Alice: Winter's Story and have Vanity planned to be recorded after that. Once I have at least 15 parts of so of audio tales, I will start sharing that again. And I have everything backed up this time, so if my CPU melts in my computer like it did last year, I won't lose everything.

Other than that been typing some stories in sitting around in notebooks to a digital format and scribbling a cute little hitchhiker alien short story in a notebook.

And of course I have been posting book reviews weekly and I haven't been including links in this blog lately, so book and story reviews are posted for the last eight weeks or so.

Mortal Engines by Phillip Reeve

Lock and Key Vol. 3: Crown of Shadows by Joe Hill

Bear and The Nightingale by Katherine Arden

Cuts by F. Paul Wilson

Wind Through The Keyhole

The Cold Step Beyond by Ian R. Macleod

Pines by Blake Crouch

Dead Space by Dennis Etchison

And that is all I have to share and hopefully I will be able to update you all again soon. Have a great week everyone!

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