• Samie Foster

Finally Making Progress Again

It has been a long time since there has been any updates since the mini apocalypse where I lost a lot of my data. Since then, I have moved into a new place, and when time permits, I have been trying to rebuild a lot of what I lost which includes retyping lost shorts out of old notebooks (Thank goodness I kept the original drafts in notebooks), retyping my back log of book reviews (Again thank goodness I physically write things down instead of typing things directly into the computer), and I worked my way through all of the Scribophile work-shopped reviews for The Last Witch short stories. There are now a second drafts of all five parts of the project.

So from here on out, I’m going to start working on polishing each story one by one into a final draft, and working on building the book covers. To break the tedium I may possibly workshop other short stories and release those. I know that slows things down, but seriously I need change every once and a while. If I don’t have this side thing and I work on one project, my eyes will start to gloss over and I will start making mistakes in editing without realizing it.

I also hope to return to recording the audio stories too. I have some catching up to do. And now that I am close to where I was on other things, I may be able to balance things better soon.

Beyond that, I have been able to spend a night actually writing here and there now that I have a place that is quiet, it is so much easier to think. The last couple years, I lived in a place where it was always loud for one reason or another. So it’s great to start a couple things that I think I will be able to finish because I can concentrate. Also I need this. Editing, audio books, book covers, and even my job is done on a computer. Doing something creative with a pen and notebook is just such a change of pace.

Overall, that is where I am now. Hopefully there will be fun news coming soon. Sorry for not having any stories to share for a very long time. I'm hoping to update you all again soon. And if you're in the U.S. happy Thanksgiving! If you live in outside the U.S. have a great week! And please stay safe in the Black Friday madness. It can get pretty crazy out there.


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