• Samie Foster

It Was Only a Mild Apocalypse

Hi everyone. It was been a while since the last update. And the last update consisted of bad news, and when it comes to Project Stories it may be the apocalypse because my CPU did not only die but overheated and melted in my computer and I was not backed up. (I’m still kicking myself for not backing things up.) But it turns out to only be a mild apocalypse. I was able to get some tech guys to recover the majority of my stuff. The only catch is I lost all the work I did in from July to September, which is a real shame because I got so much done with The Last Witch in that time. I went from having 85% done back to 40%. I also lost the tale ending of the audio version of The Island (ending only), Vanity, Warped, and Somewhere Beyond the Sea. Those have to be recorded again. It’s all a very major disappointment, but at the same time I am grateful that I could save so much. My guess, before the mini apocalypse, was I could start releasing The Last Witch short story series monthly as soon as Christmas, but that is off of the table now. I have a bit catching up to do and I have made little progress so far.

Right now I am actually in the middle of moving, so I am going to dive head first back into all of this once I am settled into the new place. I'll be again blogging soon, and hopefully I have something a little more upbeat to share.


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