• Samie Foster

The State of Things Are Not Good

Hi there everyone, I 'm trying my hardest to get into a weekly blogging. But two weeks in a row, my work schedule has been keeping me a little too busy. So I was so excited when it came to this week and I learned it was going to be thirty hour week. So I got started. balancing my work week to work on my projects. I got a bit farther in making audio versions of Warped and Late Shift at Penny's. And as for The Last Witch, I put a lot of work into that and realized I was almost done with edits. I couldn't believe I was really that close to a final product. I felt so accomplished with what I did that at the end of that last night, I released a tweet announcing that the The Last Witch will be coming out early 2019, if not around Christmas.

Then the unthinkable happened. My computer would not turn on mid-week. I used every trick in the book and called Microsoft. At the end of it all, I learned that the CPU has died and I had not backed up my work since the beginning of the year. I had to buy a new computer, and the tech guys up at the shop have my from the dead computer trying their best to retrieve my data. And from my understanding, they are having a lot of trouble. Last I heard, its 50/50 chance that I can get my stuff back.

And what stuff is that? That is all of the audio stories. The last two parts of The Island is stuck on that hard drive, as well as the audio version of Somewhere Beyond The Sea and Vanity. The Last Witch is trapped on the hard drive, along with a new horror story Wrong Turn at Albuquerque, and various new shorts. All of which were in line for editing before any new big project. Also all my book reviews I post on my blogs, are on there as well. So its a bit of a mess, There is only one silver lining to this. The original copies of my work is handwritten in notebooks. And I believe I still have these handwritten copies somewhere but at the end of it all, I lost nearly a year's worth of work, and i am kicking myself for not backing my work up.

Anyways, I did not post in the last couple of weeks. And I did post the parts 7 and 8 of the Island on Wattpad and Youtube. I will post the links down below.

Parts 7 and 8 of the Island is up on Wattpad at

Part 7 of the Audio story can be found @

Part 8 of the Audio story can be found @

Sadly that is all the news I have. It isn't good. I don't know when the audio story project will continue, or what will happen next as everything is in limbo. If you have been enjoying the audio story project, I apologize if there is no ending to The Island a long time. Its just a big mess and everything is still in limbo. I really am hoping everything will end with a happy ending though. Anyways, I thought I should send out this update, so people will not wonder why everything suddenly stopped.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a good weekend. New updates will be posted sometime soon, whether its good or bad,


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