• Samie Foster

The Island (Audio Story) Part 5 Now Posted

Hi there. For the third week in a row, life has kept me quite busy. But I did do a little bit of recording last night for the audio projects in works. (The first time I really got to touch my projects in weeks) I got a little further into recording the short story Late Shift at Pennies, and in recording Warped. Not a lot of work got done overall, but every little bit of progress counts. But I did post the weekly stuff.

So here is Part 5 of the audio version of The Island, which is posted on Youtube @

And the same chunk is posted over on Wattpad @

And as always, if you enjoy this, please support by buying the ebook version or making a small patreon. The links are below.

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And this weekend there was a book review I posted or on Hubpages, so you can check that out too if your interested.

Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeere

With that said, I hope you all have a great week, and hopefully I will have more exciting stuff to post in the future.


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