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Part 3 of The Island Audio Story is Now Available

Hey there everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week and not boiling in this crazy heat wave on the west coast. Yikes! Its hot! But enough of that. This is yet another post about the audio project and updates. There's not a lot to update you on.

I didn't have much time this week, but I did have a couple windows here and there where I could continue my audio projects. I just started reading through the ghost story Late Shift at Pennies and I am about a third through Warped. And wow. Warped is interesting. I know it's one of the first things I ever published right after high school, but now reading through it ten years later, I'm not only finding it as great as I believed it was back then. It it is a bit dull compared to stuff I typically write now. When I started reading it out loud my goal strictly was to fix errors, improve flow, add minor details when needed, and deleting unneeded text. I did not and still do not want to change the essential story, because it is the product of an entirely different mindset back then than what I would have written today. If I were to start completely rewriting certain parts of it, I would be rewriting the whole darn thing and it would not be the same story at all. But I'm finding I am cutting a bit more out than I intended. Many are jokes or useless goofy characters that I must have thought was at the time I original wrote it, but I now find very pointless and immature. So I don't know what will become of Warped by the end. This B movie style dinosaur scifi story may end up being a short story by the end of the audio recording re-read, and I may have to re-release it as such. But again, that is what this who audio project is about. It isn't just about audio books. The audio books is a by product of the revision process. A year after college, I decided to really head back into all my book stuff, and found it was a little bit of a mess, and I am trying to make every thing better and the best they can be.

But right now what's being posted is Part 3 of the audio version of the Island, which is posted on Youtube @

And the same chunk is posted over on Wattpad @

And as always, if you enjoy this, please support by buying the ebook version or making a small patreon. The links are below.

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And this weekend there was a short story review I posted or on Hubpages, so you can check that out too if your interested.

Harris Bergeron By Kurt Vorrengut

And with all that said, I hope you enjoy what's here. And I will be back next sunday for another post.


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