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Audio Stories, Free Stories, and the Progress on The Last Witch

So it has been a while since I last posted. I think it was around the 4th of July when I gave my last set of updates. Right after that post I was pretty much slammed at work. Being a newbie fresh out of college geologist working at agricultural consulting company, I'm finding that summer months can be crazy busy sometimes. Sure I love the overtime, but for my hobby of writing, I'm just too busy to touch it sometimes. But now that things slowed down a little bit, I wanted to give you quite a few updates about what is going on.

First of all, for a while now, I have been talking about this crazy audio book project. I was really hesitant to do it before I started, and was a bit nervous while I was doing it because I knew it would eventually make its way to the internet, and I am far from some confident public speaker. But I have been determined because I know that reading things out loud is such a great way for me to revisit my older works and revise them. And finally I have the first story ready for posting. I am beginning with the Island, which is a longer scifi audio story. I am a posting ten minute part every Sunday starting today. There will be ten parts. A part will be posted each week on Sunday. I was learning and slowly gaining confidence as I was go, so I apologize for it being a bit rough.

The Island Synopsis:

In the middle of the second World War, scientists start vanishing all over the world. When Lily's husband is snatched away, she teams up with her brother in law to unravel what is happening to all the world's geniuses. After a year of traveling the world looking for clues, they are led to a mystery island in the eye of a never ending storm. A place that holds more danger than they ever expected

So here is the link to the video.

And as promised, I am simultaneously releasing the same part for free over on Wattpad at

And for support for those who enjoy, I am asking for people to by the ebook versions

On Kindle for $.99 @

On Smashwords for $.99 @

Or support me with a donations at my Patreon page at

Speaking of audio stories, when I have forty minutes here and there I try to record a little bit. And I recently read through one of my first short stories, Vanity. Now that I have read through it and I have audio draft, I updated the new ebook draft to the storefronts. The new revised draft is essentially the same with the absence of a minor misspelling. But in celebration completing another audio story, I wanted to let this book be free on Smashwords this week. So I will placed the synopsis and coupon down below.

Vanity Synopsis:

Two siblings, Liz and Denny are on a long drive home from college. But when they take a short cut on the back roads through the woods, they have an unexpected accident. With the car damaged, they find themselves on foot walking through the woods. To their surprise, they stumble across a enormous mansion. A house that contains dark secrets that may kill them before the night is done.

Free Story Coupon Code SP56P

This can be used at the Vanity Store front page @

Beyond that I am am 20% through building an audio version and revised written version of one of my earliest written and hastily published scifi romps Warped. Also in between chapters (to break up the tedium) I am recording parts of my short story Late Shift at Pennies.

And what I have been calling High Fantasy Project X for the longest time I renamed The Last Witch. Its a bit cliche of a title but its fitting giving the subject matter. I officially have the last story, The Abyss, up on Scribophile for workshopping, and now that I reviewed all the stories, serious editing is taking place and the whole project just took a huge step toward becoming a finished product.

And then lastly I want to post my book review blogs for the last few weeks.

The Incredible Exploding Man by Dave Hutchinson

The Aeronuat's Windlass: A Disappointingly Bland Tale about Sky Pirates, War, and Monsters

The Things They Carried : A Dark Gritty Emotional Tale of War

The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney

On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers

Anyways that is every thing I have for you this week. It's a lot of stuff. I will be back next week with the new audio story segments. I hope everyone has a great week!


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