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Warped is being Unpublished & Episodic Short Story Fantasy Project is Closer to Finished.

Its been a while since the last blog, and I had a little more free time lately so I've been working a few things. What have I been working on? Quite a few things lately. First I've been editing The Battle of Minerva and The Broken Princess short stories in the still unnamed high fantasy episodic project I've been working on. They have been posted on the Scribophile for workshopping anyone can log on, find my account (Its under my name Samie Foster) and read the rough drafts if you're interested. There is one short story left to conclude it, and then comes more polishing for final drafts for eventual publication. So in time it will be finished. Also hopefully I managed to come up with a proper name for the project.

Also while cleaning up my computer a bit, I found an old short called Wishes. It's the short story I wrote ages ago, that played with the idea of genies in contemporary times before that core concept was expanded into a Fairy's Tale, which I wrote a couple years later. Its something I think'll I start workshopping so I can have something come out before winter, and to give myself a break from working on a single project all the time.

Other than that I have been working on audio book stuff. I started reading through Vanity and been continuing through Warped. And as I read through Warped, I'm seeing problems. There are just so many little mistakes here and there, and I find myself editing a number of sentences just to improve flow. Warped is one of the books, I edited hastily and published right after high school (In the short lived I'm going to be famous author phase I went through in my late teens) I spoke of before a few blogs back when I said I wanted to revise older works. And because of this, I am going to remove Warped from the ebook shops for a while. Until I'm through with the audio version of this book and have all the issues ironed out, its not coming back. Also I've been wanting to change the cover for about a year now. I don't like the idea of ever unpublishing things, but now that am seeing so many issues when reading it so many years later, I would feel worse about leaving it up online as a finished product.

And about the audio project; I got the Patreon page, Wattpad, or Youtube all organized and set up. The audio version of The Island will be coming soon. I would like to begin posting next Sunday, but I have to work overtime next week with the holiday in the middle, so it might be longer than than that. Day jobs always comes first unfortunately.

Beyond that there's the typical weekly book reviews I post over on Hubpages. So here's a list of what was posted over the last month.

On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers

Charming by Elliot James

Locke and Key: Head Games by Joe Hill

A Long Way Home by Jake Lake

With that said, I hope everyone has a wonderful week and if you live in the US, I hope you have a fantastic July 4th!


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