• Samie Foster

Updates for the Last Four Weeks and Get Somewhere Beyond The Sea For Free

So what has been happening since the last time I posted? Well a lot of things that kept me very busy. But

I try to carve out some time every week to work on my book projects a little bit. And in that world, this is what has been happening.

I have been working hard on polishing the short story Lonesome Town. I now have a very clean third draft that I believe will be the same draft that will go in ebook form. So I have been working on the cover art for it. Hopefully it will be out in the wilds of the internet for all to read soon.

Then there is another very big thing. I went back through Somewhere Beyond the Sea. It’s a short story I published years ago, and I decided to give it same treatment of reading it out loud while a microphone is on. And not only do I have The Island recorded, I have this story recorded too. Those two will go up as audio books sometime in the future. But point is, I found a few little mistakes in Somewhere Beyond the Sea, and now the new draft is up. And in celebration of having a more polished final version, I wanted to give people the short to read it for free for a short while. So I will post the synopsis down below with the coupon code.

Davey has been trapped on an rock of a island his entire life building a glass castle with his father for the king. He feels as though he is prisoner with no contact with the world beyond the island. Then one day during a storm, an odd yet captivating girl washes up on shore. She says she's from somewhere beyond the sea, but Davey's new friend is full of more mysteries than he ever expected.

Find it at

And get it for free with the coupon code: JF84N

It's valid through May 20th.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy and hope everyone has a great weekend.


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