• Samie Foster

Lonesome Town, Brian's Story, and Everything Else That is in the Works.

So it's been a while since the last post, so I wanted to update everything that is in the works. So what I have been up to.

Well the main thing that has been in the works, is the short story Lonesome Town. I submitted a rough draft of the story on the writing community Scribophile to get feedback as my main focus at the time was Brian's Story (Working Title for the high fantasy project I spoke a lot about i previous blogs). But I was surprised to see people who reviewed it really enjoyed it more than I ever expected. So I decided to focus on it, because it’s a nice little short that is easy to work on and finish relatively quickly. Right now, I am on a third draft. I feel at this point, it is not far from being published. After another round of editing and reading out loud, I will be able to build a book cover and get out into the wilds of the internet for everyone to read.

Beyond that, I have been doing the first round of edits on the stories for Brian Story. Two are posted on Scribophile. They include the first two of five stories, which are called The Damn Road, and Old Hobbs, They are very rough drafts and have not yet looked at the feedback yet. I wanted to only focus on Lonesome Town for the time being.

Beyond that, I looked into Patreon built, an account and have been remodeling my old Wattpad page, for the audio book project. The Island has been done for a while. I decided because time is limited, I wouldn't worry about sound effects or music, so it will my voice only. But it is rough. I cringe when I go back through it. Because of that, I went onto Amazon and ordered a podcasting microphone, and it’s so much clearer. I've been using it to record Somewhere Beyond the Sea, and it’s just easier to work with. The stuff will be coming out sometime it the future, I just want to have a perfect system in place before it comes out so that the release is all streamlined.

And of course, there are the articles I post every Sunday for the past few weeks. These include:

The Serpent Bride by Sara Douglas

The Twelve by Justin Cronin

Dead After Dark by Charlene Harris

Witchblade Origins Vol. 2 (Comic Series)

Horns by Joe Hill

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

And that is everything. Thank you so much for reading. Hopefully I will have something more exciting next time.


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