• Samie Foster

Update on All the Works in Progress

Hi there. It's a almost two months into the New Year, and I have been trying to focus on my book related things, and try to accomplish more than I did last Year (which was almost nothing). After battling the flu for three weeks and working through my scattered brained methods of doing things, I actually have some accomplishments. The dark fantasy episodic project that I am now calling Brian’s Story, is all typed up out of the notebook this whole thing was scribbled in. So I am going through the drafts, now editing them for mistakes. After the first round of edits, I’m getting it workshopped at Scribophile as I do more and polish it to perfection. As of right now, the first story of the project, The Damn Road is on Scribophile and I am just beginning to shuffle through the reviews to start working out a new draft. There are four more stories to be posted in the future for the complete project.

Also I was a bit spontaneous and I decided to throw a more light hearted short fantasy story Lonesome Town out to be workshopped. I think that could be a cute little story I could squeeze in among all the other work and thought it wouldn’t be too taxing. And I decided to post to a new chapter of Finding Elodie to be workshopped as well. I feel bad that I abandoned working on editing the novel for a year. So it just felt justified for, even though it may make little sense considering the writing communities Karma system.

Beyond that I dusted off my Wattpad account, and created a secondary youtube where I could release my audio book project. My train of thought is to release the ten minute segments of a story at time simultaneously with that same chunk on Wattpad. I’m still deciding how much I need to edit the audio story. I first thought that I would add music and sound effects to make it more exciting like a audio drama. But I am not sure if I would have the time to do something like that. I’ll mess around with the audio and make a decision eventually.

Also as mentioned previously, I started revisiting older material using the read out loud method (and creating new audio books at the same time). Currently, I am working on the short Somewhere Beyond The Sea and one of my earliest books, Warped. And oh dear. Twenty-eight year old me is so disappointed in seventeen year old me right now. Warped really does need this revision treatment and I’m glad I’m taking some time to revisit it.

So anyways, you can see some very rough drafts of works in progress on my Scribophile page if you can to see some very messy work. You can view my profile at

Beyond that I did post some reviews on books and short stories.

Cold Copper by Devon Monk​

The Ice Owl by Carolyn Ive Gilman

The Invasion of Venus by Stephen Baxter

The Martian by Andy Weir

The Hanged Man by Steve Nagy

Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great day!


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