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A New Year's Gift For Everyone!

So it’s a new year and I can't believe it. The year of 2017 has been so busy for me. I mean in my post college life, I have been working my tail off. And when I look back onto my book goals at the beginning of 2017 verses what I got done by this date, I realized I missed most of my goals. But then again, considering this year, it’s also kind of amazing I got anything done. I am hoping to stick my plan stated in the last blog. I am almost done typing the high fantasy short stories project to go onto the editing block in the near future. For everything else, I have this check list literally taped on the wall in my work area so I can stay focused.

And then most importantly, I actually finished recording an audio version of The Island. It is rough, but I really don't care. I am just satisfied that I actually finished it. And even if no one enjoys the audio version, this process improved the story. Regardless of how many times it was reviewed by writing community members and myself, there were still some small mistakes that I saw in “final” draft I read from for the audio version. So this is what I'm going to do now. In celebration of finishing the audio version, I am letting people have the story for free on Smashwords, and the Stories collection will be discounted. I will post the coupons below. And as for the audio version. I am still working on how I'm going about that. I'm thinking posting a cleaned up version on Youtube and if people enjoy it, they can donate on Patreon...maybe. Recording these things take a lot of work and time, so if someone would just donate a nickel here and there I would be grateful. I know very little about running a Youtube channel and Patreon. I also know people are very mean on the internet, so I'm hesitant on the idea of throwing my awful voice work out there for people to judge but I never what will happen until I try.

I also want to continue this process of reading things out loud to clean up older works. I was considering revising one of my first (hastily self-published after high school because I thought I was a going to be a famous author) books, Warped, using this read out loud process. I also wanted to attempt to polish this process a bit more with some much shorter stories as well. (The Island was seventy pages long. So it was very challenging for the first of these.) I'm not sure how I will go about it yet, I'll figure it into the checklist somehow for 2018.

Also as always, I have posted a few book reviews and what not since the last update. So you can read those down below as well.

Book reviews include:

Bye Bye Baby by Max Allan Collins

Going After Bobo by Susan Palwick

Also there was a short film review, which was...

The Gunfighter

Anyways, Happy New Year’s everyone. I hope you enjoy the coupons down below.

Free Copy of The Island

Coupon Code: CV55R

Buy it from the book's Smashwords storefront at

Half off of Stories Vol. I, which includes The Island

Coupon Code: SK58F

Buy from the book's Smashwords storefront at

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