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New Alice Story and the Road Ahead

So in my last couple of blogs, I mentioned how it has been such a busy year, and I just didn't get much done. And my focus at that time, was to focus on the two projects sitting on the desktop that were at the finish line. The first was the short story collection Stories Vol. II, which I threw out into the wilds of the internet a few weeks ago. And I just recently got the second project Alice: Stone's Story published. And in case you missed m earlier blogs, this is the second entry in the short story Dark Alice in Wonderland Project. Each story follows a different Alice in wonderland, revealing a different piece of a dark world with each story. This story focuses on an ex slave of the Red Queen on the run who finds safety in Diamond City, the last free city of wonderland. The synopsis is posted below.

Wonderland is broken, and every Alice who stumbles in is trapped in a nightmare world. Some Alices become

fighters. Other becomes con artists scrapping by. Alice Stone is a coward. An ex card soldier for the Red Queen, who is running from her captures hoping to find somewhere safe. But when she reaches Diamond City, the last free city of Wonderland, she will have to find her courage to survive.

But what am I doing from here on out? First off, I want to return to doing my pseudo- audio book project. What is that? It's basically the process of reading stories out loud with a microphone on. I'm actually using it more for myself, so I can review my work and fix any tiny mistakes that I missed somehow despite the revising draft after draft. And the idea is to take the audio, clean it up, and post it as an audio book on YouTube, or as a podcast somewhere somehow. I will figure it out once I have an actual project finished. Before this year became crazy busy, I was actually 75% through recording The Island. And I intend to finish it up and do some other stories

Beyond that, things are a bit of mess. I have a third of an edited and work shopped science fiction, Finding Elodie that has not been touched in a year and half. Also I have a few chapters of a pirate novel but so far the second drafts posted on Scribophile, has very bad reviews where people cannot understand it takes place around 1700 which is a big issue. So that needs a lot more reworking. I'm not sure if I have the time dedicate to the research to get everything right at the moment. The third powers book is half edited on my desktop. And as I look at all of it. I think maybe I should do something smaller to get back into the process of editing and polishing. I want to work on the High Fantasy X Project (working title) for now. Its five short stories set in medieval times focusing on witchcraft and a dysfunctional father and son relationship as they are on a journey to kill a god. It’s smaller, easier, and just better for me to get back into the routine of things. Then I will decide what to take from there on out. I just need to establish a process and routine again, or nothing will ever be done.

Outside of the computer work, though I believe it’s safe to say that a story I've been jotting down in a notebook the last couple months is finished. It's the cyberpunk tale called Sugar Plum. It started as a short story, but just kept going. It ended at the 140 page mark oppose to the 40 page mark that I was expecting. Hopefully, sometime in the future, I'll get it typed up and out on the internet for all of you to read.

And that is everything. When there is new news, I'll post again. Anyways, like always. Here are the new book reviews that have been posted since last time. I hope you enjoy.

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