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Stories Vol. II is Now Available!

So here is a new update on things. I actually got something thrown out there into the wilds of the internet. It is Vol. 2 of the short story collection, simply called stories. As I said in earlier blogs it has been on desktop finished since March, but with overtime at work for much of the year, computer trouble, and the fact that I had to learn a whole new software to build new book covers, it took a while for it to get finished proper. But earlier this week it was released on Smashwords, and all store but Amazon right now. You can download a kindle version from Smashwords, but to have it shown on the Amazon store front, there’s a bit of extra work that I have not done yet.

But enough about the behind the scenes stuff. You’re probably wondering, what is it really? Well, it’s a collection of previously published short stories, and unlike the last collection which was mostly dark fantasy and horror, this is bit of a lighter and fluffy collection with less heavy material. Its more fantasy and mystery based this time around. The collection consists of Murder at Blue Bayou, My Name Is…, Somewhere Beyond the Sea, and Trudy Dallas and the Living Dead. And the collection is a good deal at only $1.99. I’ll post the full synopsis below.


The short stories have returned! This time around, it’s a new bundle including fantasy, romance, supernatural crime solving, and just a few monsters. This time

around the stories include: Somewhere Beyond The Sea Davey has been trapped on a rock of an island his entire life building a glass castle with his father for the king. He feels as though he is prisoner with no contact with the world beyond the island. Then one day during a storm, an odd yet captivating girl washes up on shore. She says she's from somewhere beyond the sea, but Davey's new friend is full of more mysteries than he ever expected. Trudy Dallas and the Living Dead The world is broken. When a person dies, the soul is trapped in the rotting body until the soul manually crosses over at a church or until the brain rot drives the person to cannibalistic insanity. Desperate to hang onto their normal lives many do not cross over becoming a threat to those who are still living. Because of this, the police departments formed crews to detain the insane zombies and force them to cross over. This tale follows the member of the team known as Trudy Dallas. My Name Is.... My name is Amber. I don't remember much else because I been forgetting so much lately. But I do remember I am a girl and this old witch has turned me into a crow. And I know I must find a way to break this curse before I forget everything entirely. The Midnight Special: Murder at Blue Bayou On the closing night of the freak show "The Midnight Special" in the southern town Styx, a member of the show goes missing. Michael, Pria, and Summer go into town to find her, only to fall into a world of trouble and murder.

What beyond this book now? Well I still have to get this on Kindle storefront, which will be happening soon. I am also putting the finishing touches on formatting the next Alice short story. So that may be showing up next in the wild. And then I'll go and work on all of those back burner projects that had been collecting dust the last year and half.

Also I did post a couple new short story reviews, so you can check that out as well if you’re interested.

They are:

Patient Zero by Tanavarive Due

The Dala Horse By Micheal Swanwich


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