• Samie Foster

Its Been A Busy Week

Oh dear. Sometimes life can be so busy, that it just doesn't give you a break. Right now it feels like today is my only day off in a month. Overtime with writing TAC reports, and then now a second employment with civil engineering work coming right up with at the Indian Reservation, and Hazwoper courses, I kind of have been pulling my hair out lately. Oh and oh yeah, I had to send my computer back to the company because it was defective. That's always fun. But enough about whining. It's time for a weekly update concerning my love for writing.

And to be blunt, not much was done on the digital front. I had two unpublished blogs in the cloud, so I was able to post them. One's a book review. The other is short film review. I hope you like them.

The other night, I did start a new project. I was tired, exhausted, and had the worlds worst headache. So I turned out the lights, and by a small dim desk lamp, I tuned out the world to just write whatever came to mind in a notebook. I know I should have finished my current project Sugar Plum, but there are so many moving parts in play (In a cyberpunk story no less, which is the a bit of a challenge to start off with) that I knew I could not finish the last act to perfection without some planning, and planning ahead was more work than I wanted to do then and there. Instead my brain went back to a character I wrote in a story two years ago, Trudy Dallas. It was a tale about police officer Trudy Dallas who deals with crimes involving zombies. Its supernatural hard boiled crime stuff. So I went back to the character and started another tale set in that world. It was just what I needed to escape for a little bit and hopefully I'll get it polished for release in the future.

So anyways here are the links to the blogs that were posted.

Book Review on The Golden Compass by Philp Pullman

Short Film Review on Caldera

Also there is one last note. You probably have been watching the news, and have see the terrible disaster of hurricane Harvey. If there is some way you can help, please do. Donate a couple dollars, clothes, food, or even volunteer if you're anywhere close to there. The whole thing is terrible, and they could use their help.


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