• Samie Foster

What is in the Works

So despite the limited time at hand, I have been making an effort to work on my books and everything related to it. I finally returned to my favorite community Scribophile to get involved again. Hopefully, I'll be getting stuff up there soon for the editing block.

I drafted a sketch for the cover of Alice: Stone's story. It is a dark Alice in Wonderland story, and a companion piece to Alice: Winter's Story. The story is done and ready for publishing. I just have to scan in the draft and make it pretty for the book. Which won't take too long, if I can figure my new photoshop software. I hate having to learn new software,

I also have a short story collection coming. It's a bundle of already published shorts at a discounted price. Again, it will be published as soon as learn how to operate my new photoshop software.

I really want to get those two things out of the way first before I attend to anything else, because these two are just a hairline away from done. After that, I will get back to the half finished projects that got halted almost half a year ago.

So in recent history, up to this posting, I also did post a book review. This time around, its on a book review on The Dream Quest of Vellit Boe by Kij Johnson, which is a really a great hidden gem of a book. Go ahead a take a look at my review, if you're eve slightly interested in reading something different.

Here's the link for the review.


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