• Samie Foster

10 Years Later: New Site, New Projects, and Very Little Time

Holy Wow! It has been ten years since I published my first book. I remember right after high school graduation I was eighteen and I just went for it publishing Netherworld on, and realized over the years I had a lot to learn and I learned as I went and here we are now. There’s a new website now. This is actually the third one, and hopefully this one stays. Over the years, there were too many blogging and social networking marketing tactics I attempted and jumped shipped. Also there’s been multiple editions of the books, and I went through many publishing services before finding the one I liked. And there were so many writing workshops as well. There’s a lot of short stories as that has become my focus in the recent years.

But here we are now, and as this is my year of re-organization of everything, welcome to the new website if you have not seen it yet. Though time has been quite limited lately, I am trying to get back on track. I have a few projects on the editing block, particular book 3 of the Powers series, Finding Elodie, and the dark high fantasy project. I do have an Alice story edited through and just sitting on my desktop. The cover art is yet to be done. I intend to get to that soon. The Island is 75% recorded as an audio book. So sometime, probably toward the end of the year some part of that will be released. Also another short story might slip in there if I get extra time. Extra time is something I don’t have a lot of.

Lastly, there is another thing. The paperback editions are discontinued. As much as I love paperbacks, I feel everyone does not desire to have a physical library. In ten years not one book has sold in paperback form. So to save on time and work, I decided to make some changes and against my own wishes, I discontinued it because I rather work on audio projects, work on new material, improving old material and I just rather simplify my methods by removing extra editions that I have to keep up with on a third publishing service. So if you are discovering my work just now, and want paperback, I am sorry for the inconvenience.

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