About the Author

Hello everyone. My name is Samie Foster, and there’s nothing special about me. Sure, I may have bachelors in geology and am trying to make a decent living in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, but the most important thing you need to know is I’m eccentric about writing. No matter what life throws at me, my way of relaxing is grabbing a pen and notebook, and just jotting things down. Whether I am successful or not, it’s clear I will never stop. I clearly suffer from an over active imagination and writing is my diagnosis. I’m not expecting to be a famous author or trying to impress the world. I’m just trying to get my work out in the world for people to enjoy. At one point, when I graduated high school I did believe the sky was the limit and I would make a living as an author. Then I learned how the writing world worked, and to be fair I’m still learning. I made mistakes, learned from them and am still trying to fix some of them, and there are some things I did right.


But enough about me, what is this website? It is a way to streamline everything I do concerning my stories. As I polish new things, dust off old trunk novels, or revise older works it will all be showcased here. There’s a little bit of everything. There's a little bit of every genre and then to be completely honest, the writing style can change from one book to another easily. Some of these I wrote as a teenager, others from college and so on. So my writing style has changed quite a bit as I changed over all those years. If you might find something you like feel free to click it, and you can read a good chunk of the book for free. If you don’t find anything you like then feel free to move on. I don’t mind. Time is precious, and the worst thing anyone can do is force themselves to waste time reading something they don’t like.

With that said, I hope you take some time to just browse. And if you do, thank you for doing so. It means so much to me.

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